Are Crispix* Krispies* Gluten Free and Safe for a Celiac?

My son is celiac and noticed that the ingredients on Crispix have changed since he was diagnosed a year ago.
The ingredient list does not list any gluten/wheat and the only allergen listed in the may contain statement is soy.
My son just wants to eat "normal" tasting cereal.
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  • Thanks for the question, Chantel! You’re correct that our current ingredient list for Crispix* Krispies* does not have any gluten containing ingredients. While there are no gluten containing ingredients, please know that this cereal has not been validated as gluten free. We recommend reaching out to your healthcare provider to make sure this a good option for your son and to always check the nutrition label for any changes. You may want to give our Rice Krispies* Brown Rice Gluten Free cereal a try – find out more on this delicious gluten free option here:
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