Bad PopTarts commercial

Dear to whom it may concern, I have recently seen a commercial promoting the new Orange crush and Rootbeer pop tarts. I was disturbed to watch it, as it clearly and very obviously demonstrates an example of date rape. Although you may feel it is just a commercial, I believe it is a dangerous example of how rape and rape culture is not taken seriously in our society. I would appreciate if you could get back to me on why this commercial is deemed appropriate or why it is still on the air.Thank you
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  • Thank you for reaching out, Lily. Viewer reaction, such as yours, is helpful to us and taken into consideration when developing future advertisements. Please rest assured that our advertisement is only meant to portray the introduction of our new Soda Pop flavors. Your concerns have been forwarded to the appropriate company officials and we hope future ads for this and our other products will be more acceptable to you. 
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