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Can't Find Plain Mini-Wheats Or Crispix In Downtown Vancouver

I prefer cereals with little or no sugar in the ingredients. My favourites are Crispix and plain Mini-Wheats, but lately they aren't available at local stores. Can you please encourage Loblaws (Y.I.G. stores, No Frills) and Shoppers Drug Mart to carry these cereals? We need cereals with less/no sugar choices.Thanks.
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  • Ivy (Official Rep) February 17, 2016 15:39
    Hi, Lynda, thanks for reaching out to us. Although Kellogg's* Mini-Wheats* Unfrosted Bite Size cereal is not available, please be assured we’ll share your interest with those on the team. However, our Crispix* Krispies* cereal is available to most major retailers. We suggest that you speak to your local Store Manager about its availability. You may find an online search helpful also, such as; Walmart.ca. Thank you for being a fan of Kellogg’s!
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