I’m confident and excited with the possiblity of Kellog's sponsoring this event- Many thanks

Charity golf tournament, all proceeds to Ottawa Heart institute

I am a volunteer with a charity golf tournament in honour of the late Denis Nelson, with all proceeds going to the Ottawa Heart Institute.
Denis was a well, respected member of the RCMP, the forensic lab and the CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Strategy) and in his spare time was a gourmet cook, always enjoyed Kellogg's products

Unfortunately, he did not make retirement, he passed away at the Heart Institute at the age of 59.
Denis received extraordinary care at the Ottawa Heart Institute and his family would like to honour his memory with all proceeds going to the Heart Institute.
This event is sanctioned by the Heart Institute. The web site is www.dwngolf.com
The date of the event is June 26, 2014
Would you consider a donation of any kind for this event, we expect 100-150 golfers, we will be doing a silent auction and gift baskets.
Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.
Kind Regards,
tel: 613 837-1803
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  • Thank you Brenda for your inquiry inviting Kellogg Canada to support the event in memory of Denis. Such kind events are very applauded by Kellogg leadership. Presently, at Kellogg we are supporting several campaigns focused on the problem of hunger, therefore we are unable to donate to your event. We hope Denis' family and you will keep doing the great work in your community.

    Warm regards,
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