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Invalid Pine code message

Is there something wrong with the PineCodes for the Pringle's give away? I have entered them exactly, and still get an invalid pine code error. Is there someplace else the pine codes are located on the Pringle's cans?
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  • Ivy (Official Rep) August 22, 2016 18:12
    Thanks for reaching out to us, Darryl! I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your Pringles* Pin code. The special Pin Codes for our promotions can be found on the underside of the foil seal that you peal back upon opening a can. It sounds like you’ve entered them with all capitals and have included the dashes, which is perfect. We recommend making sure that you’re entering your code in the proper place. Since we have two active Pringles* promotions, we have a different page for each promotion. If your code is for the Poppin’ Prizes promotion, be sure that you are entering your code here: http://bit.ly/29kmjtQ. If your code is for the Free Concert Ticket promotion, be sure that you’re entering it here: http://bit.ly/29FutT7. I hope this helps! If you continue to have trouble, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Thanks for getting in touch with us!
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