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Peanut and Almond Cereal Bars Availability

I really like your peanut and almond cereal bars.

However, I am not able to find them anymore at the 2 locations I typically buy my groceries - Zehr's and Superstore.

Are they being discontinued? I hope not, I do not usually like cereal/granola bars and you apparantly have discontinued the choclatety delight ones you had when they first came out (the other 2 chocolate flavours are not the same and I don't like them)
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  • Thank you Cheryl for contacting us in regards to our special K almond and peanuts. I am sorry you are having difficulty finding that product at the two stores you typically buy groceries. However Cheryl, the good thing is Special K almond and peanuts bars are available in Canada. I suggest you to look for them at our major retailers Walmart and Costco. Thank you for being a fan of Kellogg!
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