A couple of years ago you put Kellogg's Special K SATISFACTION on the market and it really was SATISFACTION. "Just Right" is a close second, but without the SATISFACTION.

Did you stop doing business in Nova Scotia with "Sobey's" and/or "No Frills" or did you stop making this cereal?

Is there any place in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick where I can get this cereal?
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  • Thanks so much for reaching out, Marilyn! We’re so sorry to share that Special K Satisfaction has been discontinued. Though such a satisfying blend may be difficult to replace, we think you may enjoy our new Nourish cereals, which include delicious blends of fruits, nuts, and grains. Check out our Special K Nourish Apples, Raspberries & Almonds cereal here: http://bit.ly/2dR8FRc and our Special K Nourish Coconut, Cranberries & Almonds cereal here:  http://bit.ly/2dqcAbD.We hope you give them a try! Thanks for being a fan and posting!
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