Where are Kellogg's cereals sold in Canada produced? Bran Buds help relieve acid reflux.

Are you aware an email is circulating saying that your cereals are no longer produced in Canada, but are now produced in China for the Canadian market?

I would, first of all, like to know if this is true.

Also, I was wondering if you are aware that your Bran Buds are an excellent product to reduce and eliminate acid reflux. My friend's doctor told him that the prescription drugs for acid reflux wouldn't cure the problem and he would need to take them for the rest of his life, but bran buds would alleviate his problems.

I find that if I take a half teaspoon of bran buds whenever I have a flare up, it soon subsides. Gradually, I find I am not suffering with acid reflux at all. The only problem is that, when I'm not suffering from acid reflux anymore, I forget to take the Bran Buds and the problem reappears in a month or so. As long as I continue to take the bran buds, even once every day, I don't suffer from acid reflux.

Since this is such a widespread problem, I think you would be wise to follow up on this idea so you can advertise it as one of the benefits.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon regarding the production location of Canadian Kellogg's cereals.

Thank you,
Susan Willows
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