Where Can I Buy The Kellogg's Boxes With The Spoon Codes? I've Tried Everywhere And No One Has Them Anymore.

Where can I buy the Special boxes with Spoo codes - no one seems to have them
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  • Amber (Official Rep) July 08, 2016 21:09
    Thanks for posting, Andris. So sorry to hear you have not been able find any participating products for our personalized spoon promotion. This promotion has been quite popular. Unfortunately, we are not able to determine which stores are carrying these boxes. We would suggest you continue to check your local stores for these packages. There's still plenty of time as this promotion continues through September 30, 2016. Please visit http://bit.ly/1OUeBmr for more information on the products participating in this promotion. Thanks so much for your interest and for being a member of the Kellogg Community!
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