Where Are Rice Free Options?

How can I find a larger selection of your cereals made without rice products. So many of your brands contain rice, brown rice syrup, rice flour, and other misc rice products. My son is 8 and desperately wants to have some of your healthier cereals or to try anything new but can't because he reacts to rice products the same way a celiac reacts to wheat. He can have any other grains, but when he sees the corn flakes or miniwheats mixed with other things he knows he can't have he's done and just wants to go home. Would use of tapioca starches or other syrups be a consideration in the future?
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  • Ivy (Official Rep) September 20, 2016 19:47
    Thanks so much for getting in touch with us, Shawn! Though we don’t have a comprehensive list of rice free cereals, we do have some options that your son may enjoy. Our All-Bran* cereals may be some good options for him to try. You can check out the different kinds and their full ingredient lists here: http://bit.ly/2cO8ath. You can also take a look at the ingredients in our Corn Pops*, Froot Loops*, Corn Flakes*, any many of our cereals here: http://bit.ly/29O24rz. While we do not have plans to change recipes for our cereals at this time, we appreciate you taking the time to make the suggestion for alternative ingredients. I hope this information helps and you’re able to find some yummy cereals that your son will be able to enjoy in the future! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for reaching out!
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