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Where to Buy Mini-Wheats Little Bites* Cocoa Cereal?

I looked at Costco and Walmart but also cannot find this cereal. My stash is gone, and my children are sad. Is it available in the States? I live near Hamilton ontario, and might be willing to drive to Niagara Falls.

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  • Thanks
    for reaching out to us, Shannon! I’m so sorry your family’s stash of Mini-Wheats
    Little Bites* Cocoa cereal is depleted and you’re having difficulty locating
    more. I’m happy to share we are still making this cereal, but availability may
    vary depending on the preferences of fans in each area. We do have our Frosted
    Mini-Wheats Little Bites® Chocolate cereal in our US market, if you’re
    interested. I’ve conducted a search for Niagara Falls, NY, and found a few
    stores that have carried this cereal in the past 90 days. Below I have listed
    store information and recommend giving them a call  before making a trip
    to ensure the cereal is currently stocked. Thank you for being such a fan of
    our Mini-Wheats*!

    7414 Niagara Falls Blvd
    Niagara Falls NY 14304
    (716) 283-0085

    1540 Military Rd
    Niagara Falls NY 14304
    (716) 298-4484

    Food Market
    1577 Military Rd
    Niagara Falls NY 14304
    (716) 298-3100
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