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Where do the vitamins and minerals come from?

What exactly does "vitamin and mineral fortification" imply? Because from what I have read, factory foods that are fortified with iron actually contain pure iron flakes that are found in soil. When we eat vegetables, we are consuming iron that has been naturally absorbed by the plant. I think it is very important for your company to clarify the "fortification" process. You claim that cereal is part of a healthy diet, so prove it. Where do your vitamins and minerals come from? Thank you.
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  • Nancy (Official Rep) March 26, 2014 17:40
    Hi E, thank you for contacting us. Fortification implies that vitamins and minerals have been added to a food during processing at specific amounts which are regulated by Health Canada. The purpose of fortification is to help ensure that Canadians are getting enough vitamins and minerals from their diets. The vitamins and minerals that Kellogg adds to cereal can be readily absorbed by the body. Kellogg does not add pure iron flakes to our cereals.”
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