Why Are You Using Palm Oil?

You position yourself as being socially conscious, caring about the world--and about people's health.
I just picked up a box of Popcorn Chips. The 5th ingredient is Palm Oil, which is not only really unhealthy, but is also an environmentally, socially and economically destructive product.
Why are you using Palm Oil in your products?
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  • Ivy (Official Rep) June 08, 2016 13:10
    Hi there, Louise. We do use palm oil in some of our foods to assist in providing volume and texture in our baked goods, without adding trans fats. Kellogg is a member of RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, an organization that continues to work toward the development of a consistent and sufficient supply of segregated, sustainably grown palm oil. Thank you for your comments. Our nutritionists and food scientists work very hard to develop products that are acceptable for our consumers.
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