I’m Hungry, and sad

Why can I not buy Special K* Chocolatey Red Berries cereal anymore?

I live in Edmonton, AB and would eat like a box of this each week and now I can't find it in any of the stores for the past few months? Is it not being made anymore? Going through withdrawals......
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  • Ivy (Official Rep) September 22, 2016 13:47
    It’s great to hear you’re a fan, Jennifer! While I wish I had better news to share, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue Special K* Chocolatey Red Berries cereal in January. I know finding a replacement as tasty as this may be tough, but I invite you to check our other Special K* cereals, including Special K* Red Berries cereal. You can view the current line-up at http://bit.ly/2cqT2TH. Your loyalty means the world to us, and thanks for posting on our Kellogg’s Community!
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